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Who do You Think You Are?

 I find this to be a very difficult question to answer about myself; I find that depending on my mood determines who I think I am at that moment. I don’t know how true that is because it shouldn’t matter … Continue reading

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Is Your Life Turning out as Planned?

 I think that it’s wonderful that people can plan out their life and make it happen the way they planned. I always thought that things would be different than the way they are. Forest Gump: says, "My mama always said … Continue reading

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Starting a Theme for the New Year!

 The past is gone, I can do nothing to change it, the future is not yet here, I can only plan to accept what it will bring, being grateful for the life that I have is something that I hope … Continue reading

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Delusions of Grandeur

Definition: overestimation of own importance: gross and false overestimation of personal worth, importance, powerfulness, or attractiveness.        Who do I think I am? Today I got one of those computer generated Emails from Joel Osteen:   Dear Friend, Jeff We want to … Continue reading

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Words of Inspiration

 Today I am doing a search in Windows Live Spaces, I am searching for: Finding New Interests, and this Web site catches my eye: Enjoy Life!: Expand Your Mind and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading Ashley Goodale’s … Continue reading

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Finding New Interests in Windows Live Space

I couldn’t believe it, I found something that makes me unique in Window Life Spaces. In the Profile area of the Web site it has an Interests section and I am the only one that has: Finding New Interests as one … Continue reading

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What do You want from Life?

 This is a question I have asked myself over and over  again. If you do a Google search you get: What Do You Want From Life: Lyrics for The Tubes Song. Not exactly what I had in mind, it’s one of … Continue reading

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