Don’t Let Me Get Me

 I can really relate to this Pink song/video because of my negative thinking, never wins first place, sounds like a self proclaimed prophesy to fail, and I know that feeling. I have also been reading The Law of Attraction and really enjoying the concept that we attract what materializes in our lives by our thoughts and that has hindered me in my writing because I feel that I shouldn’t be thinking about things that I don’t want to attract into my life.

 That kind of Thinking is great but I think I might be taking the whole concept a bit too far when I can’t write something because it isn’t attracting what I want in my life. In the video she says,

“Everyday I fight a war against the mirror

I can’t take the person starin’ back at me

I’m a hazard to myself “

 She’s talking about Self-hatred which isn’t a good thing but it’s a reality in this song. I wrote this article; Critically Thinking Reality? And even though I didn’t write about the two subjects I think that what I was trying to express was how Critical thinking in the Contents for example; Critical thinking in the classroom; What do you mean by Self-hatred? And you can see the other questions and how in-depth the answers might be and then go onto Reality in this case it might not be reality because this is about a song or is it something in her subconscious mind that made her write it?

 She’s the only one that knows, then

“Don’t let me get me
I’m my own worst enemy”

 I have often thought of myself as “My Own Worst Enemy” because I won’t let “Me” express myself on a lot of subjects and that bothers me that I hide my true feelings. And to tell you truth, I don’t even know why I am writing this today? I have to think that it’s because I didn’t feel that writing Welcome Back Catherine! was enough writing practice for today and this song made me feel that I needed to express myself.

Feeling that I have said enough for today, I am going to call it quits for now and I hope that you enjoyed the video as much as I did. But I hope that you aren’t as familiar with what she’s singing about as I am. Me singing, “Don’t Let Me Get Me.”

Thanks for Listening,


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