Mazda’s Thoughts

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for September, 14 2007: This Week’s Theme: Write a story, poem, or essay from the point of view of an inanimate object.

Mazda’s Thoughts

I am a 1973 Mazda RX-2 Rotary engine sports coupe or at least I was at one time and my owner treated me like I was a person. But then, he always treated all his cars like they were people. Can you imagine someone thinking that a car had feelings and could actually act a certain way in order to express their personality?

I guess it really isn’t that strange to think that an inanimate object could have humanistic qualities. They give boats names and have them painted on them and refer to them in the feminine as she. I think that it can be taken too far though; when it interferes with what is perceived as normal.

My owner purchased me when the first oil embargo hit the USA and he traded in his 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle 396 cu. in. sports coupe that he loved, for me. I was shocked that he would give up that beautiful muscle car for a rice burner like me, but he did. I think it was all the commercials on T.V. at the time that finally got the best of him, the saying  Zoom-Zoom that  never seems to die, in his heart.

Even though I will never be the same again, as I was in 1973, my owner hasn’t lost the passion for which I was purchased for at the time. He has kept parts of me; with the hope of someday bringing me back to life as A Mazda Dune Buggy.

I have really enjoyed sharing my story with you today and I would like to Thank Write Stuff and [Fiction] Friday for the writing prompt today. I realize that a car can’t really talk but with a little imagination and a lot of work, I could be a dune buggy someday.

Thanks for Listening,


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6 Responses to Mazda’s Thoughts

  1. paisley says:

    very clever jeff.. i can tell you loved that car and have a real dream of brining her back some day….

  2. Unknown says:

    Hi Jeff, It\’s Tammi:)Really adorable automobile. He has lots of spunk and character. Zoom-Zoom!!

  3. Jeff says:

    I can’t even think of any words to describe my gratitude for your comments.
                                       So I will just say Thank you so much for taking the time to leave them.

  4. Lynne says:

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    Hi Jeff!
    Thanks for the click for Peace!  And \’yes\’, it would be wonderful if the world was in Peace!
    ~Have a Nice Day~   ~Lynne~ 

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