Life as an Auction

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for October, 26 2007:This Week’s Theme: Write about an Auction.

(The Auctioneer song)

Life as an Auction

If you really think about it; it is not that far-fetched “Life as an Auction” and although it is not what we usually think of when we think of an auction: selling something on eBay, the cars on Barret Jackson or the banks, mortgage brokers or state selling our property at auction for back taxes. It is very real, the people in Southern California are in a life auction because of the raging fires today, the auction is life or property, which do you choose?

It doesn’t end there either, think about it…We make choices everyday that affect our lives, families and happiness. It almost sounds like gambling but is it really a gamble? Things can be replaced, life can’t. How much are you willing to pay for something? Take your happiness for example: Would you auction off happiness for money? How about your health for money? The possibilities are endless as to what could be auctioned off for what, but I think it is a legitimate presumption.

I can hear the auctioneer now, chanting his fast talking babble, what’s it going to be love or money, life or property, good or evil. That brings to mind the greatest thing that there is in this “Life Auction” and that is your soul.

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4 Responses to Life as an Auction

  1. Unknown says:

    Very thought-provoking, Jeff. Lots to think about…

  2. N says:

    I can see the analogy, but am wondering if Auction is quite the right fit. Life to me is almost more like a "Choose Your Own Adventure Story" except we have no way to really go back and find out how the story goes if we make a different decision.

  3. Jeff says:

    Thank you for the wonderful comments, I find it quite satisfying when someone leaves a comment. It’s like I said something and you heard me.
    Enjoy Life!

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