Fifth Day of Christmas

I am counting down the Twelve Days of Christmas from a non traditional way and today would be the “Fifth Day of Christmas.” Maybe I will learn something new as I try to accomplish counting down the days until Christmas. The Five Golden Rings is for “The first Five Books of the Old Testament or The Catholic Church’s five obligatory sacraments: baptism, communion, confirmation, penance and last rites.”

Old Testament

  • The Catholic Church’s Five Obligatory Sacraments

    I like reading the articles from Bible Questions Answered like this one: What is the Bible?The word Bible comes from the Latin and Greek words meaning “book,” a fitting name, since the Bible is the Book for all people, for all time. It’s a book like no other, in a class by itself.”

    The first Five Books of the Old Testament reminds me of the fact that I have read the Bible from cover to cover, that by no means makes me think that I know everything about the Bible or what God has in store for me in the future. Do you think that by reading a book one time that you have learned everything that the author was  trying to teach you?

    I am finding that the more I study the Bible, the more I realize that I have so much to learn. Even the things that I thought I knew have new meaning with regards to the way that I am thinking on that day. I don’t think that I will ever know everything there is to know, but it sure is fun trying to learn what I can.

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