The Cable Reunion

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I went to a Cable TV employee reunion party last night and since I left the company I hadn’t see any of these people for years. I was hesitant to attend the party because of the circumstances surrounding my termination with the Company, but as usual I was making more of a big deal out of the situation then there actually was.

To me; it was like I had just seen these people yesterday, not that much had changed at all that I could see. Sure we were all a little older, some a little fatter, some a little balder, some had changed their hair color and styles, but they were still the same people. I don’t know what I was expecting, I had trouble remembering a few names, but their faces were still pretty much the same.

I was so unsure of myself, how was I going to answer all these people’s questions they had about me? I even surprised myself with my answers; here are a couple questions and my answers to tell you what I am talking about. Question: “So what are you doing now?” Answer: “I am retired and I write in my Blog every day to keep myself amused.”

Question: “So how has life been treating you?” Answer: “I couldn’t be better; I am living each day moment by moment and doing the best that I can.” I was at the party for about three hours and I had been so worried about going because I didn’t know how I was going to respond to all their questions. Come to find out, being at the Cable reunion party wasn’t as bad as I was making it out to be in my mind.

Seeing all my old friends and former associates was really a lot fun, why was I so afraid of what they were going to say to me? What I got out of going to the party was; I have no reason to be ashamed of “who I am” or what happened with my loss of employment. The strangest thing about going to the party, to me, was the feeling like it was just the other day that I had seen these people, when in reality it was actually years.

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