Wicked’s Language of the Mind!

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for March 21, 2008:This Week’s Theme: Quick List: Have your character give 13 reasons why they should learn a new language.

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Wicked’s Language of the Mind!

The language Wicked wants to learn is the one that Gabriel uses to communicate with him telepathically or by thoughts in one’s mind.

It is also referred to as; this is from Wikipedia: Empathy; Precognition; Parapsychology; Psychokinesis; Magnetoencephalography; Neural oscillations; Extended mind; Clairvoyance; Mentalist; Clever Hans; Body language or kinesics; Rupert Sheldrake: morphic resonance

Think of the endless possibilities of learning this new language: You wouldn’t have to learn all the different languages of the World because they would be translated in your mind.

There would never be any secrets kept in one’s mind because of this new language that you have learned and can now know what someone’s really thinking.

Scientists say we only use a small portion of our brain maybe this new language would open up the keys to the Universe of wisdom and knowledge, which would make us use more of our brains capacity.

It would mean we would have to have more control over our thoughts because everyone who knew this new language would be able to hear what we were thinking.

Just think of the savings in phone calls alone this new language would give us, it could put AT&T out of business or maybe they would have to change their business to maybe storing our thoughts.

There would have to be some way to control this new language, think of the noise of all the souls of eternity talking all at once, it would be enough to drive a person insane.

Just thinking about this new language has brought both curiosity and fear to mind, maybe that’s why only a chosen few are actually able to use it.

There are so many unanswered questions regarding the mind, the Universe and the unknown.

Wicked was just saying, “On second thought maybe it would be better if I just increased my vocabulary in English and learned how to write, yeah!

That sounds like a much better idea, don’t you think?

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