Tax Day!

Taxman by The Beatles

It’s April 15 and we all know that it means today is “Tax Day!” I liked this Beatles Cartoon about the Taxman and this Taxman song/video. I wrote this Fiction Friday entry:The Tax Man, and there is something I have been hesitant to talk about, but I can’t seem to resist telling you about. I was talking to someone recently about how the government seems to be spending more money than it has to spend, and what can (We the People) do about it?

I was surprised by this person’s answer they said, “There is nothing that anyone can do about the corruption in our government”, my first thought was, That can not be true! I mean we hear it all the time on the news about our government officials being prosecuted for breaking the public’s trust that they are sworn to uphold. It was like there was no way of changing this person’s mind. My question to you is, “Do feel like there is no way to stop corruption in our government?”

I am bringing this up on tax day because the government is spending our money, and how much control do “We the People” have over how it is spent? The thought that came into my mind is, How do we know that the government officials representing us are not wasting our money? The saying, “The fox guarding the hen house” comes to mind, and who is supposed to watch the fox?

In regards to Iraq and what the government there is doing with the revenues from the oil: CBS News video: State of Corruption. I was shocked to hear on the news that Iraq’s government knows that the revenue from the oil is being embezzled by the different departments of their government. It made me think that how much of the very same type of embezzlement is going on in the American government, what can anyone do about it?

This kind of doubt in government is not what we the people want to hear on tax day or any other day for that matter. To have a Pollyanna view of one’s government isn’t in our best interest, either, to keep the American dream alive and well. I for one just can’t believe that this is the way most people think: What do you think?

I am not writing about this to upset anyone on tax day; I just want to make sure that someone’s watching the fox!

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