Staring off into Space

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for April 18, 2008:This Week’s Theme: Just a Word: gongoozler

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Staring off into Space

Wicked had no Idea what being called a gongoozler meant, according to the dictionary the word is “an idle spectator, especially one who stares for a long time at something.” Now being an idle spectator and staring at something for a long time seems like that definition could classify almost anyone as a gongoozler. If you were watching TV or reading a book it could be considered gongoozling.

Daydreaming is something that Wicked spends many hours of his day doing, staring off into space pondering the many questions that have lingered in the minds of men/women for ages. For Wicked finding anything that can offer him contentment and satisfy his desire to keep his mind occupied and curios are a good thing. Does it really matter what it is that keeps a person’s mind feeling entertained and that they enjoy staring at and watching?

Whether you enjoy watching a sunset, gazing at the stars, bird watching, people watching or whatever you find that keeps you amused, it is wonderful to have ideal time. Isn’t it amazing that everyone finds their own thing to gongoozle at and that keeps them fascinated in life!

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