I am a Tree

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I am a Tree

I am not just any tree! I am the tree in Wicked’s backyard, and to be more precise a silver maple tree. Like Rodney Dangerfield I feel like, “I don’t get no respect”. Do you know how ecologically precious I am? My favorite poem is “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer, and even Alfalfa of Our Gang knows about this poem as you can see by this video.

I have deep roots in the community, and my branches spread wide so that my leaves can collect sunlight, and through the process of photosynthesis I give off the oxygen that you need to breathe. I feel fortunate to have my voice being heard today because my fellow brothers’ and sisters’ voices aren’t being heard.

It seems that every time the word progress is mentioned we trees are the ones that have to give our lives. Do you realize that you’re only hurting yourselves and the ecosystem of the planet every time you kill a tree? I don’t think that you do or you wouldn’t keep doing it!

I personally have been around for 89 years, you’ll have to excuse me for being so young, because some of us trees live to be 1000’s of years old. I shake in my roots every time the Power Companies tree trimmers come to prune my branches. I worry that they’re going to recommend that I be removed (or killed) for the sake of safety.

I know the writing prompt for today said, “Write about a tree” but I thought you would like to hear what the tree itself had to say.

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6 Responses to I am a Tree

  1. Jodi Cleghorn says:

    It\’s a good thing that we had this prompt this week – it seems that there are some trees out there that have some rather important messages to share (and stories too!)
    Wicked\’s lucky to have such a beautiful tree in his backyard.

  2. Paul says:

    Where would we be without our trees?  Some of them are so valuable, you can buy a house for less than the tree:


    The London Plane is known as the "lungs of the city", helping to clean
    the air of soot and pollution.  In London one has been valued at
    £750,000 (about $1,480,000) – hopefully people will think twice about
    cutting them down!

  3. Jeff says:

    Hi Jodi, If only trees could talk can you imagine the stories they would tell? You can read Jodi’s Fiction Friday entry: Tree of Life, and follow her dreams of reaching the top of the tree, forgetting about the fantasy worlds she had longed for.
    Hi Paul, You ask a very important question, “Where would we be without our trees?” I would say that trees are priceless, but that’s just like anything else now days…everything has its price, I guess. The story: Most expensive London tree found proves me wrong with saying trees are priceless, but what kind of a price do you think the Sequoiadendron trees would bring? Can you even imagine a tree 3,500 years old? You can read Paul’s Fiction Friday entry: A Tree Blossom is the title I will call it.
    Thank you both for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts with everyone with your comments. I really appreciated, “Wicked\’s lucky to have such a beautiful tree in his backyard” and “hopefully people will think twice about cutting them down!”
    Enjoy Life!

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