The Woodward Dream Cruise!

 The 14th annual Woodward Dream Cruise is happening this weekend and I am going to check things out up there on Woodward today and see what I can see…I am sure that I will see some great Classic Cars and Hot Rods cruising down the road up there and the weather is supposed to be great for the event. I have went to this event may times and really enjoy the thrill of hearing a souped up engine crank up its R.P.M. until my ears hurt and I can feel the power of the motor churning in the pit of my stomach, I can hear Tim Allen going ugghh, ugghh, ugghh!

I use to own a 1969 Chevelle SS 396 4 speed, but it wasn’t a classic when I owned one. This isn’t the car I had but a picture of what it looked like:

It was a beautiful machine and I just loved it, the above link is to a story I wrote about selling the Chevelle and buying a 1973 Mazda rotary engine RX-2. When I go to the Woodward Dream Cruise and see all those great cars it really brings back the memories of that great muscle car that I use to drive. I can’t wait to get up there on Woodward and start dreaming about all the great times I had in my Chevelle. Taking it to the drag strip and turning loose all that horsepower is a trill and a feeling that I want have again, maybe someday!

Well, back to reality, awe, do I have to? I was having so much fun dreaming, but I guess I need to get ready to see what I can see, up there on Woodward. The cruise doesn’t official start until Saturday, but you can see the cars starting to get ready for the event weeks before the actual cruise! Can you tell that I love cars? Especially cars that make me feel the excitement of cranking up all that horsepower and turning it loose!!!

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