I Think Differently!

 When I chose the name for my site I had a really problem coming up with the name because I think that “I Think Differently!” That’s why I chose the name My Unique Life in Windows Live Space, because I feel like I’m different and unique, but am I really that much different than anyone else? I have a lot of trouble making decisions all the time, like what should I write about? or What topic should I discuss? or What should I say when I write? or How do I say what I’m thinking so that you’ll understand what I’m trying to say?


Now, does that prove my point that I think differently and does that sound normal to you? This is what I call my warm up writing to getting into the things that I really want to say today. Kind of a strange way to start, if you are asking me, but what do I know? I signed up to receive The White House Blog Posts and I think it’s really great that President Barack Obama is keeping us informed by using YouTube videos. It’s definitely a change from the way that our government has worked in the past and I really like it. I thought that I would share this video to show you all what I’m talking about here! Evidently he thinks differently too!

Another thing that’s on my mind today is how I feel like I’m not being left behind in the past because of get this new Toshiba laptop Computer. I was content with my old computer and the Windows XP that it ran until I got a hold of this new one and start using Windows Vista. I thought that I would be feeling regretful about abandoning my old machine, but to be truthful, I don’t even want to use the old one any more. I just love my new computer and the Vista operating system that I’m using today. This coming from a guy who doesn’t adjust to change very well at all, but what can I say, “I’m sold on Vista! I just love it!”

On a different note we are under a Winter Storm Warning here for today. Just when I was getting use to looking at the dormant lawn again the snow has covered it. The Michigan weather is constantly changing, as usual, and who knows what it’s going to do next? I’ll just have to wait and see, but I know that springtime is on its way. It’s only a matter of time until old man winter will have to give it up and spring will be here!

I don’t know if I’ve proven my point here today, or not? That “I Think Differently” with the things that I’ve said. So I’m going to remove all doubt and post a new photo album here today titled my Mazda Dune Buggy:


One of the reasons I’m posting these pictures here today is because of this comment from Happy Flower on this entry Working on making a Plan: “Can’t wait to see pictures of summer dune buggy rides. :)” The funny thing is that I’ve been working on building this Mazda dune buggy for more years than I want to say, and the thoughts of dune buggy rides is hilarious. The only dune buggy rides that I’ll be having in this buggy is if I can get a bunch of my friends to push me down the road or coast it down a hill.

I really appreciate the comment from Happy Flower, and these pictures prove that I really do “Think Differently” than most people. I’ve had a lot of fun over the years working on this Mazda dune buggy, and I have not lost the dream of completing it either. Building this buggy reminds me of the commitment I made to myself to write every day. Whether I will ever take a ride in this Mazda dune buggy or call myself a writer is known only by what the future has in store for me!

Thanks for Listening,


My Unique Life in Windows Live Space


About Jeff

I started my Blog on November 25, 2006 and I wanted a Web page where I could "Learn Something New!" Windows Live Spaces made it so easy that even I could do it. I made a commitment to myself to write something in my Blog every day. My writing challenge ended on May 23, 2012.
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2 Responses to I Think Differently!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jeff! Nice to know you are thinking differently and trying something new every day! Cool dune buggy, by the way. I never saw this kind of vehicle before, and thanks for enriching my knowledge of cars. Enjoy your ride!

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