Point Iroquois Lighthouse

This is a picture of the Point Iroquois Lighthouse it is located in the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan. It is part of the Hiawatha National Forestand this beautiful lighthouse is a site to behold with its red roof and Cape Cod style home.

(Click here Google map of location)

If you are interested in seeing a few more pictures of the lighthouse I’m adding a new photo album today called Point Iroquois Lighthouse. In the album there is a picture of a plaque from the site and these are the words from it:

Point Iroquois

This point of land is the historic battleground where the westward invasion by the Iroquois Indians was halted by the victorious Chippewa.

Off the point colorful French-Canadian voyagers paddled canoes heavily laden with furs. The 18th century fur traders were forerunners of the commercial shipping on Lake Superior.

On June 27, 1831 Henry Rowe Schoolcraft led an expedition from this point to assist trade and to gain favor with the warring bands of Chippewa and Sioux Indians in the Upper Mississippi Valley.

By 1870 shipping had become an important industry. In that year this lighthouse was built. It operated continuously for 93 years. It ceased operation in 1963 when an automatic light was erected in the channel.

This property is maintained as a part of the Hiawatha National Forest.

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One Response to Point Iroquois Lighthouse

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey Jeff, thanks for sharing these photos. 🙂 Like its history as well.May God bless you and be with you. Jennifer

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