Earth 2100: ABC News’ the Final Century of Civilization?


I watched “Earth 2100: ABC News’ the Final Century of Civilization?” a two-hour television event, and then this morning I read this article Why Write Fiction? by Annie over at the Write Anything site. And I thought the connection between the two stories was too coincidental. So I wanted to write about them today. Here are a few videos from ABC News Earth 2100: Civilization at Crossroads and Civilization in Ruins. This video is from YouTube ABC News Earth 2100 Show Trailer and after watching the program last night it reminded me of this In the Year 2525 song/video by Zager and Evans. The words in the song In the Year 2525 is giving humanity much more time than the Earth 2100 show is giving us, but the song was very futuristic for its time: Don’t you think?

When I think of the end of the world it is often about prophesy, and the Second Coming of Christ and the Last Judgment. To usher in the Kingdom of God and of Armageddon, but I didn’t notice much about religion in the Earth 2100 show last night. Maybe they didn’t want to associate the things that are happening on Earth as fictional? But even the scientists said that these predictions in the show were just what could happen, not what will happen…As in any good work of fiction the mind can take us to any of a number of possible conclusions as to how the earth will end!

I’m a Christian and I believe in God’s Word the Bible these fictional stories are great to entertain us but only God knows the final chapter of Earth. Just thinking back to fictional stories like The War of the Worlds or Armageddon, and whatever else the mind can dream up, or create to an end of the earth and civilization that you can think of, is unlimited and endless. I would rather imagine a more positive perspective about life and what is going to happen. This kind of doom and gloom portrayed in Earth 2100 for our future isn’t going to help us to succeed:

I’m thinking positive thoughts to Enjoy Life!  

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