Being Excellent in the Workplace: Flag Day!

Today Joel Osteen’s message is “Being Excellent in the Workplace” and it is also “Flag Day!” I noticed under holidays and observances on the Wikipedia page today that it is also the veneration day of the prophet named Elisha of being a saint. You may be wondering what all this has to do with Joel’s message today and it’s just my way of working all the things that are on my mind into my writing. This is my post Happy Flag Day America! from last year. These are my notes that I took from Joel’s broadcast today as I watched and listened: Unemployment is at one of the highest levels that it has been in years; You and I should set the highest standards in the workplace each day; Our life should give praise to God!

It is great to honor God on Sundays but we should honor God every day of the week by having good work ethics and excelling in whatever our job is; You’re not just working for people or for the company you’re working under God; He’s the One who is giving you your gifts and talents to do your best; Do your best at whatever you’re doing; You are working under God, not just for your employer, if you do your best God will bless you for your labors and your effort; Leading a good strong Christian life will set an example at work for your coworkers to follow.

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

Having a spirit of excellence ever day and going the extra mile will show the quality of your work and your character! Don’t just do a good job when you know someone is watching you, excellence should be the norm; Excellence is doing the right thing even when no one can see you, even when you don’t think that it is necessary; You’ve given your word, live up to it, and do the right thing; You may not want to do something a certain way, but do it unto God and be all that He’s created you to be; Do your work as you’re told and don’t take the easy way out, develop your character and your skills.

Excelling in your chosen career will bring praise to God, because you have shown by honoring Him that your accomplishments are making you your best, do more than expected! Pray to God for the guidance in making important decisions in your life; God rewards excellence; Do your work to the best of your ability; Every dream that God has put in your heart will come to pass; Believe in God and have faith that He’s going to take you to places you’ve never even dreamed of, and you are going to have your best life now!

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Happy Flag Day

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4 Responses to Being Excellent in the Workplace: Flag Day!

  1. Lori BJ says:

    Tank you for this as my tv is having probs wih the sattlelght. i could watch it n line, but you have done allthis work… I like to see your smilins in action too. Have a great week!

  2. Procopio says:

    Great job, may God keep on blessing you.Missionary Procopio Brazil

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