Have A Never Say Die Attitude!

 On this very cool and fall like Sunday morning Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Have A Never Say Die Attitude!” These are the notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast today. One of the things that Joel said that is sticking in my mind after hearing his words is: “It is easy to give up, but how can you expect God’s best in your life if you just give up?” and his words are so true. There are times in life that I’ve felt like calling it quits and just giving up. But if not for the love of God I couldn’t continue to keep trying to press forward. Dealing with all the troubles with my truck on my trip up north last week, and the seemingly endless work that needs to be done, had me feeling like giving up, but that’s just too easy!

Joel talked about having a Holy determination and a never say die attitude; Fighting the good fight of faith; You have to have a worrier mentality; Don’t give up on what God has put in your heart; God didn’t cerate us to give up; You have staying power; I’m a victor not a victim; I’m expecting God to show up and show out in a big way; I’m going to become everything that God has created me to be; Nothing can keep you from your God given destiny; I may be knocked down, but I’m not knocked out; You’ve got to have a never say die attitude! Don’t give up!

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

Just because things might not be going your way doesn’t mean a new season isn’t in your future; Focus on God’s promises that you know in your heart to be true; Losers focus on what they’re going through, but winners focus on where they’re going to; No matter what trouble you are facing having a “right spirit” can get you through; A new season is coming your way; Joel told a story about two little frogs trapped into a bowl of cream. One frog gave up. The second frog paddled until the cream got hard and the frog hopped out. That’s what we have to do, is to never give up!

This is the information from the podcast page about today’s message Have a ‘Never Say Die’ Attitude by Joel Osteen:

You’ve been anointed to make it through difficult times. When God breathed His life into you, He breathed perseverance, determination, strength, courage and endurance. That means you have staying power; you can outlast every attack.

God did not create us to give up when it gets hard. He didn’t create us to get discouraged when we face obstacles. He made us more than conquerors. We have victory in our DNA.

If you’re going to fulfill your destiny and become all that God has created you to be, you have to have a made-up mind that no matter what comes against you, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many times you get knocked down, you are not going to stay down.

Life may throw you some curves. There may have been some bumps, but every setback is a setup for a greater comeback. Scripture says, “Because you got a double dose of trouble and more than your share of contempt, your inheritance in the land will be double and your joy will go over.” Difficulties in life were never meant to destroy you; they were meant to strengthen you, promote you, and make you better off than you were.

If you will dig your heels in and have a never-say-die attitude, then no matter what comes against you, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is, when it’s all said and done, you will become everything God has created you to be. You’ll receive everything He has intended for you to have, and God will turn every battlefield into a blessing field.

Do you receive it? Say Amen! 

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One Response to Have A Never Say Die Attitude!

  1. Happy says:

    It has become (almost) habit to come by Sunday evenings and read your teaching of Joel. What strong reminder to really learn to believe that God empowers those who walk with the Lord. Yet still I can be fearful and forget to ask for and accept the amazing graces bestowed. Yes, God\’s anger can be quite real but we are taught the Creator is mercifully kind. I hope there are fewer obstacles this week and I am glad that with all the vehicle problems that you were not hurt in any way. Take care dear friend. God Bless.

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