My goals are Dreams!

 I could be setting myself up for disappointments because “My goals are Dreams!” Goals have to be something tangible so that you’ll know when you’ve obtained them. I took one of those personality tests and the results were that I’m a Dreamer. Now it may seem very difficult to obtain one’s goals if they aren’t something that can be held on to like an object of some kind. Take my goal to have a zest for life: How will I know if I’ve succeeded in obtaining this goal? It is not tangible but I still love striving for this goal.

My goal to build A Mazda Dune Buggy is one that is tangible, but I seem to be lacking in the will to accomplish this goal. Although I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to build this buggy: I’ve even asked myself, “When are your dreams Over?” with in the completion of this goal/hobby. Because I seem to come up with all kinds of excuses as to why it will never be done, and the success of this goal/project has eluted me. At the moment I cannot think of any reason as to why I can’t try and work on this goal.

The subjective of thought: “existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the” objective of thought: “something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal;” has me contemplating my reasoning behind this obstacle. And I think it’s my fear of defeat on this goal/project that maybe holding me back from this accomplishment. The thought that if nothing is ever ventured in this goal, then nothing will ever be gained in trying to build this Mazda dune buggy comes to mind.

I was just thinking about how I could have looked at all the things that I accomplished on my trip up north, at Ma’s house over the past weeks, as little goals/projects that I accomplished. Like removing the fence in the garden, weeding the rock gardens, power washing the house, having the septic tanks pumped out, prepping the garage for painting, painting the garage, fixing the windows, and stacking the woodpile. Not to mention all the other little things that I didn’t write about like: Fixing the ceiling fan switch, or repairing the leaking dishwasher supply line, are just a few other things that come to mind.

I guess what I am trying to say here today is that you’ll never accomplish your goals, even if they are dreams, if you don’t but forth the effort to at least try and accomplish them!

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4 Responses to My goals are Dreams!

  1. Happy says:

    What a delight! When I was a teenager I had a boyfriend and we would go dune buggy riding on weekends. Not sure how much of it he built but I loved the fun. It was like riding an amusement park ride only we were outdoors and just swooshed up and down river valleys and, of course, dunes! Such summer days! I hope you just build the buggy and boogy and sometimes it helps to find friend or person of similar interest to keep the motivation going. 🙂

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