God’s Hand is Outstretched Towards You!

There was a very beautiful sunrise this Sunday morning, and being at a loss for words to describe its brilliant lights. I tried to capture this scene in a picture but its brilliance of light, and beautiful wondrous colors, somehow, have escaped the lens of my camera. So too is the case of my ability to capture Joel Osteen’s message today into words.

This is the picture of the sunrise this morning that I was talking about:

Joel’s broadcast was a repeat titled God’s Hand is Outstretched Towards You! and you can click the link to read my notes in this entry, if you like. Last Sunday I wrote about taking some notes from Joel & Vitoria’s Webcast titled the “Dream In You!” and that’s what I’ll be writing about today. First off, let me just say, “That these are just my notes, and I want to encourage you to watch and listen for yourself. Just as my camera couldn’t capture the essence of this morning’s sunrise, my notes are only what I’ve captured in words. There maybe much more in this Webcast that you’ll see by watching it for yourself.”

My notes: Don’t let go of what God has put inside of you, it is “The Dream In You” that God has put in your heart; Stir up the seeds of greatness it is your destiny to accomplish what God has placed in your heart; The testimony of the two guests in the Webcast is very encouraging and enlightening.

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

Don’t look at negative things in your life as permanent; When you believe in God’s goodness you are opening the doors of faith and your day of victory is in your destiny; Negative thinking promotes what you don’t want in your life; Don’t let your negative thoughts steal your blessings; Nothing is permanent, if you believe that all things are possible, your faith in God will set you free; Stay in faith, keep believing, keep being your best, everything that you are facing is subject to change with your faith in God!

Our problems in life are not permanent they are only for a moment, move forward to the good things in life that God has in store for you; To be an alien to the things in life that are unacceptable should be kept as a foreigner to us; Get a new perspective on life, every problem is temporary!

This is the information from the podcast page about today’s message God’s Hand is Outstretched Toward Youby Joel Osteen:

God’s hand is outstretched toward us. That means there is supernatural power behind every believer. We don’t have to go through life just depending on our own talent, our own ability and our own strength. God’s hand will help us accomplish whatever seems impossible.

God’s hand can break any bondage we have in our lives: a bondage of addiction, a bondage of depression, a bondage of poverty, a bondage of sickness. All it takes is one mighty act of God’s power.

God’s outstretched hand will help you accomplish dreams that you thought were impossible. His outstretched hand will cause you to get well even when the medical report says there is no way. The outstretched hand of God will help us to prosper even when the economy is down. His outstretched arm will bring supernatural opportunities even when it seems impossible. It will turn situations around that you’ve been praying about for years.

Release your faith and realize there is a force that is for you that is greater than any force that will ever be against you. Stretch out your hand and get in agreement with God. When our outstretched hands connected with God’s outstretched hand, supernatural things are going to happen.

God’s love for you is permanent!

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  1. Unknown says:

    God will strech his almighty hand to take your wife to go through her illnesses.

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