The electrical problem at Ma’s House

I want to write down my story about “The electrical problem at Ma’s House” and I’m calling it a story because it is not meant to be a technical article. I’m journaling about what happened and I am not recommending or advocating that anyone try to do what I did today. This is from my post Day Four Deer Hunting: “But I could not get my mind off of some problems at Ma’s house. There is a hot ground or something energizing the light switch electrical box for the overhead light in Ma’s bedroom, and the automatic garage door isn’t working properly.” and I still haven’t fixed the automatic garage door.

The story: My wife was vacuuming the hallway at Ma’s house when the circuit breaker on the electrical panel blew, and the power went out to several outlets and lights that were on that circuit. She reset the circuit breaker, but the power didn’t come back on to the outlets or the lights. I’ve been trying to figure out what the problem was for days now without any success. After calling on friends and family for advice on this problem, and getting estimates from licensed electricians, I wanted to fix this myself.

My determination and perseverance to solve this electrical problem grew and grew. I was obsessed with figuring out what the problem was, and I’m not an electrician. Sure I can change a light bulb and do simple things like replacing a wall switch or install a ceiling fan, just basic stuff, but this problem was more than that. After racking my brain for days about what the problem might be I decided to remove the electrical panel cover. Here is a picture of where the problem was on the third screw on the ground block:

When I would flip the breaker switch on and off I would see a small whitish blue flash or spark in that area. So after turning off the main breaker switch I loosened the screw and reattached the white natural wire into the open slot in the fifth screw. And I couldn’t believe it that I solved the problem with the circuit and the outlets and the lights worked again. I really feel fortunate to be able to write this story today, because I should have called a professional, and I should not have even tired to do this myself.

But yet there is a feeling of accomplishment in doing something that I would have never thought I could do or would be possible for me to fix. I’m not saying that anyone should do what I did and try to repair electrical problems by themselves. I’m just telling this story for my post today because I fixed the problem and lived to tell about it!

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3 Responses to The electrical problem at Ma’s House

  1. Jen says:

    Well I\’ll tell you what: you were certainly under the Lord\’s protection. Just one little thing like that can make all the difference. We pay for so-called professionals to fix these things up and it doesn\’t go right every single time. What a Blessing you were able to find the hassle. I\’m glad you were saved a hefty bill as well. Praise the Lord:-)

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