Silencing the Voice of the Accuser!

  On this beautiful sunny and frosty autumn Sunday Joel Osteen’s broadcast is a repeat titled Redeeming the Time, and please feel free to click the link to read my notes: But today I’ll be writing down my notes from “Silencing the Voice of the Accuser!” And I must tell you that I know this voice of the accuser only too well…As I’ve felt guilty writing Opening Day Deer Hunting on the Sunday that Joel originally broadcasted this message and it aired on TV, podcast and video. So today I will be writing down my notes, and freeing myself of guilt silencing the voice of the accuser!

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

Although I was thinking about missing Joel’s message on that Sunday as I hunted, I did write about it. Today with Joel’s message being a repeat I’ve got this opportunity to share my notes. I don’t need to carry around this guilt any longer, “because guilt is a dead end street,” as Joel said. If we will ask God to forgive us our sins, than there is no reason to carry around this guilt anymore, because He will forgive us and not remember what we have done. Raise up in faith knowing that God has forgiven you and will not hold it against you.

If God isn’t condemning us for our wrong doing, than why should we be listening to the accuser? The right thing to do is to ask God for forgiveness and move forward, the moment we do that God doesn’t remember the mistakes. The accuser will keep trying to make us feel bad about ourselves. The accuser’s goal is to make us keep living our lives feeling condemned, don’t believe those lies. Don’t listen to those thoughts the accuser places in your mind, change the channel, and think positive thoughts of God’s forgiveness and love for us.

God is not looking at what’s wrong with me, He’s looking at what’s right with me; Jesus has paid the price for our sins, receive God’s mercy and enjoy life; Joel told a story about three men caring around the baggage of guilt, and how we should cut a hole in the bag with guilt in it, and move forward living the life God has created for us; Honor God and focus on your good qualities; Receive God’s mercy and forgiveness and don’t let guilt hold you back from living the life God has in store for you in your life!

God sees your mistakes and He has already forgiven you, don’t let he accuser make you feel bad; Listen to the Holy Spirit from your heart and believe that God has forgiven you your sins and rejoice in His blessings; You were created to live a victorious life, Jesus has paid the price of our sins on the cross, with His life; God will bless us even with the mistakes we have made; Jacob’s name was changed to Israel meaning “Prince with God” shake off the feeling of guilt, silence the accuser!

This is the information from the podcast page about today’s message Silencing the Voice of the Accuser by Joel Osteen:

We all have sinned and made mistakes, but once we ask for forgiveness, scripture says God will not remember our sins anymore. The moment you asked God for forgiveness, He forgave you. So when the accusing voice comes reminding you of what you’ve done wrong, trying to make you feel guilty, condemned and unworthy, that’s a sure sign it’s not God; it’s the voice of the accuser.

Romans 8:1 says, “There is no condemnation when we’re in Christ Jesus.” One way to know that guilt and condemnation are not from God is that you are not improving. It doesn’t make you do better. Guilt is like being on a treadmill; you’re constantly working and struggling and sweating, but you’re not going anywhere. It drains your strength, your energy and your enthusiasm. It affects you emotionally and physically, and eventually, influences your relationships. Guilt makes you feel like you’re carrying around a heavy load. But when we silence the accuser in our life, our heavy load is lifted and we walk in freedom. When we focus on the right things, we move forward in the right direction.

When you know the truth, the truth sets you free. And the truth is: God has already forgiven you, accepts you and approves you. But it’s up to you to rise up in that freedom and leave the guilt behind. You can’t do anything about your past, but you can do something about your future; you can receive God’s mercy, keep moving forward and silence the voice of the accuser in your life.

Silence the voice of the accuser and speak the life God has given you!

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