Jesus making the Sign of the Cross

I received this “Jesus making the Sign of the Cross” Email today. And I don’t like forwarding messages to all of my friends, but I do like posting them to share them with all of you. It is my way of spreading the word of their message along. The Sign of the Cross: “is a ritual hand motion made by members of many branches of Christianity.” I’ve change the title in the subject box of this Email from: Read ASAP and Let me know Tomorrow…to this title:

Jesus making the Sign of the Cross

His hand should be moving.
Let me know what happens to you the morning after you open this e-mail.
This is an unusual one.  It actually gives you a time tomorrow…Let’s see if it works.

Forward this message the same day you received it.  It may sound ridiculous, but it is right on time.  We believe that something is about to happen.  Angels exist, only sometimes they haven’t got wings and we call them friends; you are one of them.

Something wonderful is about to happen to you and your friends. Tomorrow at 11:09 AM somebody will address you and tell you some thing you have been waiting to hear.
Please do not break this.  Send it to at least 7 of your friends!

Now just because I don’t like sending out Emails doesn’t mean I don’t like receiving them, because I do…In turn I end up posting them in my blog to share them with the world. I hope you receive the blessings of something wonderful you’ve wanted to hear after reading this Email, or sending it out yourself to all of your friends. I am hoping that at least 7 people will read my post and be blessed!

Thanks for Listening,


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