Mysterious light over Norway‏?

Mystery white light worries Norway picture from NBC Nightly News Video

What was that “Mysterious light over Norway?” That has the Norwegians worried about: What it actually was or may have been? This is what the Email I sent to share this video said:

Mystery white light worries Norway
”December 9, 2009: Norwegian newspapers were bombarded by calls Wednesday from people who claim to have seen a spiral of white light with a blue tail. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.”

I’m sure there is a very logical explanation to this phenomenal show of spinning lights, but it’s the Christmas season…And it reminds me of another show of lights that occurred some 2000 years ago, and they called it the Star of Bethlehem. Now all we need is to have some Biblical Magi bearing gifts and the story would be complete. The really strange thing about seeing this spinning light in Norway is: Barack Obama receives 2009 Nobel Peace Prize there. This what the Email I sent to share this video said:

Obama, Norway Prime Minister hold joint press conference
”December 10, 2009: President Obama and Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg hold a joint press conference in Oslo ahead of the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony later today.”

But whether this is going to be some kind of a Christmas story, or not, is yet to be seen…At the moment its just the news. But it could be history in the making, with the fate of earth in the lurch. Now call all of this story just a weird coincidence, or a figment of my imagination, or a prophecy. I just couldn’t resist sharing this mysterious light video and telling you all this tale.

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5 Responses to Mysterious light over Norway‏?

  1. X-Evolutionist says:

    To me, it looked like the spiral was being shown somehow from the ground, like the Bat Signal. X

  2. X-Evolutionist says:

    Nope, I change my mind. I googled video of it and saw more views. Truly strange looking. X

  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts about the Light, X-Evolutionist, I just made this tweet about my post:I\’m asking the questions, “Did you see the Light?“ the “Mysterious light over Norway‏?” “A Sign or Is it More?”:) I’m hoping that I’ll get more people to comment on their thoughts about what this strange looking Lights in the sky might be…Have a Great Day and Enjoy Life!

  4. Happy says:

    A failed missle launch. How oddly sad that weapons of destruction still be tested. What do we fear so much? Why do we fear so much? Especially when I read this post about the Star of Bethlehem. Great reflection Jeff.

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