Speaking the Blessing!

 On this rainy, icy, gray clouded Sunday Joel Osteen’s message is “Speaking the Blessing!” These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to his broadcast today: Everyone has people in their life that needs your blessing; Speaking the blessing over someone can shape their future; Words of encouragement and praise can open the door to feeling good about themselves; Withholding your blessing from someone can in fact hinder the person’s self esteem; Parents’ speak the blessing over your children, tell your children how much you love them; Hearing the words of your blessing, coming from your lips, is what the people in your life want to hear!

In the Old Testament the people understood the power of the blessing. Joel told the story of Jacob’s deception of Isaac, and quoted Genesis 27:33, saying I have already spoken the blessing, and I cannot take it back. Blessing someone can change their lives; Joel told his father’s last words to him, they were a blessing and he said, “You’re the best son a father could ever hope to have.” Don’t be negative, speak the blessing over others; When you give someone a blessing you’re help them, as well as, helping yourself; Your words have creative power, speak your words of praise; You can shape the destiny of people with your words!

Don’t let the media shape the people in our lives, if we don’t rise up and speak our blessing over the people we care about, then they may hear other things somewhere else; Set the course for people who are listening to you, with your words shoot arrows of favor, arrows of wisdom, arrows of deliverance, arrows of increase; Be on target with your arrows of blessings and your words, so people can become all that God has created them to be!

This is the information from the podcast page about today’s message Speaking the Blessing by Joel Osteen:

Every one of us has people in our life that need our blessing and approval. However, a blessing is not a blessing until it’s spoken. When you speak, “I’m proud of you. I love you. You are talented. You mean the world to me” to someone, you’re not just being kind, you are speaking the blessing over their life.

Your words have creative power; they carry God’s supernatural power. Just like you pull back a bow and shoot an arrow, the moment you speak the blessing, God releases favor, ability, wisdom, confidence, and His goodness in extraordinary ways. One word of encouragement, one word of approval can be what helps others around you really step up to who God created them to be and help shape their destiny.

We need to learn to live blessing minded, not, “How can I get a blessing today?” but, “Where can I speak a blessing?” When you wake up in the morning, tell your spouse, “I love you. I’m glad you’re in my life.” Before your children leave for school, give them a big hug and tell them, “I’m proud of you. You’re going to be great today.” When you do that, you’re not only releasing favor into their future but you’re releasing favor into your own future because when you help someone else rise higher, that’s a seed that you’re sowing and God will make sure someone is there to help you rise higher!

Speak the blessing of God’s miracles today!         

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