Martin Luther King Day!


In honor of “Martin Luther King Day!” I’m posting this How Long? Not Long! video in answer to this question, “How long will it take to have an African American president in the White House?” An I watched this speech by President Barack Obama titled Martin Luther King and the Challenges of a New Age from The White House Blog. In answer to my question. This what I wrote in 2009 and in 2008, but the division in our government (Republican versus Democrat) about this counties basic human need for health care is something that I find very troubling. It reminds me of the civil and political rights issue between the people who have, and the people who have not. This division of our country America.

To think that a house so divided could stand comes to mind…With not one Republican voting for health care for all, is something I just cannot understand. But to those who understand politics I guess that it’s just business as usual, am I wrong? I suppose I’m just too naive to understand the real issue at stake here, but I do wish someone could explain it to me. Like most issues of indifference it must have something to do with money. Not for doing the right thing and having equality among the people with health care, but for the further segregation of the people of America.

I’m sorry for getting off the subject of today’s holiday, and I think that Dr. Martin Luther King would be proud of his civil rights efforts today. How Long? until the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When the faithful shall see the Light of the world come to pass…Like Dr. King I too am A Man With A Dream of a better world to come: Not long!

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