Chinese Proverb About Money

Today is the Ides of March and I’m posting this “Chinese Proverb About Money” Email today. The thought here is: If Julius Caesar  would have had a little more luck the day he was killed, or heeded this warning: “by a seer to be on his guard against a great peril on the Ides of March.” William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar  would not have had this line: “beware the Ides of March.” This has brought superstition and fear into this day. I received an Email with the subject: “This works, don’t ask me how, but it does!!!”‏ This PowerPoint presentation with the title of Chinese Proverb About Money was attached and this is what it said:

About Money

With Money You Can
*******Buy a house, but not a home.
With Money You Can
      *******Buy a clock, but not time.
With Money You Can
*******Buy a bed, but not sleep.
With Money You Can
*******Buy a book, but not knowledge.
With Money You Can
*******See a doctor, but not good health.
With Money You Can
*******Buy a position, but not respect.
With Money You Can
*******Buy blood, but not life.
With Money You Can
*******Buy sex, but not love.

This Chinese proverb brings luck. It originated from the Netherlands. This proverb has gone around the world 8 times. Now it is your turn to have good luck once you have received it. This is not a joke your luck will arrive by mail or via the Internet send a copy to the people who really need luck. Do not send money, because you cannot buy luck, and do not keep it for more than 4 days.

One man, got his first copy of the proverb in 1953 and asked his secretary to make him 20 copies. Nine hours later he won $99 million in the lottery in his country. An employee of his received the same card, but did not forward it. A few days later he lost his job. After that, he changed his mind, sent it, and became rich.

In 1967, another man got the proverb; he laughed about it and discarded it. A few days later his son got sick. The man looked for the note, made 20 copies, and sent them. Nine days later, he got good news: His son was safe and sound.

This card has been sent by Anthony De Croud, a missionary in South Africa. Before 96 hours pass you by, you should forward this message to 20 other people. Your luck will come within 4 days from the moment you received the message.

What do you have to lose?

This card has just been sent to you for good luck. Now luck is finally at your door. Send 20 copies to acquaintances, friends and family. One day later you will get good news or a surprise. I sent this card expecting it to go around the world. Send only 20 copies and expect good tidings to arrive in the next few days.
Do not modify the text that I sent you. Forward it exactly the way you got it.

Good Luck!

I’ve arranged this text to share this Email and this presentation with you today. To this scribes liking for presentation purposes only. I’ve done my best trying to transcribe the words correctly. With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up on Wednesday and the first day of Spring’s arrival on Saturday. The thought here is that we could all use a little bit of good luck, as I visualize My Secret Check!

Have a Great Day and Enjoy Life!

Thanks for Listening,


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