Sunday Is Coming: Happy Easter!

What a gloriously beautiful day today is and Joel Osteen’s  message is a repeat titled “Sunday Is Coming: Happy Easter!” The title of my post the last time I wrote about this message was Sunday is Coming: Happy Mother’s Day! You are welcome to read that entry, if you like? I could listen and watch today’s broadcast over and over again…Today’s message is very universal no matter what day it is, because Sunday, is always coming. This is from my entry last Easter:

“Easter is the central theme of the Christian faith. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world He was crucified and after three days He arose from the dead and was resurrected.

What I’m trying to show is how difficult it is to make your words or your message universal — Meaning to withstand the test of time — And I couldn’t be more pleased hearing Joel’s words today as an Easter service I’ll remember. Like “As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ” or “When they crucified Jesus on that Friday” and “The grave couldn’t hold Him” are quotes from Joel today. Listening, recording in writing, and paraphrasing Joel’s words on Sunday is what I like to do to have my notes here about what he has inspired in me.

These are my previous Easter holiday messages: 2009, 2008, 2007, and I like to make note of them as a reminder of the past. Here are other background table pictures & prayer messages I have posted Good Friday: Stations of the Cross, Prayer for Trust in Jesus, and St. Gregory’s Easter Prayer: Just to show you a few.

This is the information from This Week’s Message page about today’s broadcast titled Sunday is Coming by Joel Osteen:

God always finishes what He starts in our lives; He will always take us from Friday to Sunday. The Fridays in life are our darkest hours when it seems like the end. But just like Christ was resurrected from the grave on Sunday, God desires to resurrect our lives, our marriages, finances, healthy families and dreams.

Find out how to stay in faith and let God bring you to a flourishing finish by requesting this week’s message called “Sunday is Coming.” Thank you for partnering with us and sharing the vision of the Great Commission. God’s Word and hope is being shared all over the world because of your support.

Believe in the power of God this Easter Sunday!

Thanks for Listening,


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