Writing for my Amusement: Again

 It has been three years since I last used this title for my writing prompt: It seems very befitting to use “Writing for my Amusement: Again” today. This is my 1,243rd consecutive day of writing something in my blog and to say, “That I’m just writing for my amusement, seems very humorous to me, at the moment.” Although trying to write something each day seems emotionally troubling to me at times. I think that I’m making too much out of just saying what is on my mind. So really, after reading what I wrote back then, it seems very prevalent yet today, and not much has changed.

Except maybe the fact that I’ve persevered with my writing, and how much I appreciate looking back on what I’d previously written on this date, or the journaling of my words. Having just a glimpse of my thoughts from the past; to be able to reminisce about them today, seems to bring me great comfort. And I really don’t understand why I feel this way about recording my thoughts? Maybe it is some sort of enlightenment that I’m searching for or seeking? I really don’t know!

The thought comes to mind: Of my continuous need, or for whatever reason to use procrastination, with trying writing something each day. And I’m constantly wondering why I allow this seemingly bad habit to persist? Ah, it maybe these very same questions that I’m asking myself for which I’m searching for? Or it could be just something to write about to accomplish my writing practice!

Thanks for Listening,


My Unique Life in Windows Live Space


About Jeff

I started my Blog on November 25, 2006 and I wanted a Web page where I could "Learn Something New!" Windows Live Spaces made it so easy that even I could do it. I made a commitment to myself to write something in my Blog every day. My writing challenge ended on May 23, 2012.
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