Just writing some Thoughts

 Today I feel like “Just writing some Thoughts” because I like the freedom that it gives me to share what is on my mind. Not that there is anything on my mind that I’d preconceived to talk about today. But just to type away and see what turns up on the page…This doesn’t sound very interesting or like anything that I want to hear about. And if I was reading this I’d probably clicked the mouse and moved on already. Being imaginative with my writing each day isn’t as easy as I’d thought that it would be. Although there are days where inspiration seems to take over and I find pleasure and release in my words.

I wrote about Going with the flow of Life! last year and it made me realize that there are certain things that are not worth the effort to fight the current of the flow. And the year before that I wrote about the thoughts and feelings I had while I’d listened to Anything but Ordinary by Avril Lavigne (click this link for video/song). In my first year it was Hello! Is anyone out There?  And with writing like this, I kind of doubt it. But I continue to try and write something each day, because of my commitment to myself.

I’d thought about saying something and talking about my doctors appointment and my medical check up today. But there is really nothing to say because everything is fine. But I guess I could’ve written about how grateful I am for my health, and the many blessings in my life. I guess this just wasn’t the day for writing about that, and really it was just a thought. Here is hoping you have a Great Day and as always Enjoy Life!

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I started my Blog on November 25, 2006 and I wanted a Web page where I could "Learn Something New!" Windows Live Spaces made it so easy that even I could do it. I made a commitment to myself to write something in my Blog every day. My writing challenge ended on May 23, 2012.
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