Life in this World!

 I was reading this article Where Your Treasure is… today, and it got me thinking about “Life in this World!” I asked myself this question: “How can believers be in the world, but not of the world?” And I liked the answers that I got from this site called Bible Questions Answered. Now the reason why I was thinking about all this was of course the article about worldly treasures, and then the state of the world today. The greed of the Goldman Sachs heads deny wrongdoing video that has been in the news, and the oil slick that will be reaching America’s shores tomorrow, devastating the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline.

These are just a couple of the examples of what I meant when I said, “Life in this World!” Because of what these businesses are doing affects all our lives in this world, in a big way. But we should not let these things of the world get us down or keep us from believing in God’s promises of the Bible. Although a catastrophic battle rages on between good and evil in this world, there is an eternal life through Jesus Christ and the everlasting Kingdom of God in Christianity.

In writing my thoughts about life in this world they were to be more about life today, but I truly believe that this life is just in preparation for our spiritual life to come. And really I wanted to talk about a lot of negativity that I was feeling about things in the news. Instead I think I’ve been more inclined to discuss the good news of the after life: May you Enjoy Life in this world and be blessed!

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