Cinco de Mayo: An Immigration

 This year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration is clouded with the controversy of immigration, and America is a nation of laws. Immigration to the United States is no exception to these rules, but when the federal government has failed to enforce the law, it leaves it up to the states. Maybe I’m letting this illegal immigration into this country get the best of me? I mean, I knew this type of problem with aliens existed, when I wrote these previous entries in 2008 and 2009, but I just didn’t say anything or write about it then. Which makes me question myself wondering: Why say anything today?

One only has to turn on the TV or read this article to answer that question, but why am I letting the media set my tone for writing today? I guess it is because they write great articles like this one, and the reason: Why I liked it so much? Was because of all the links to other stories, and I found their story interesting to read. But by appreciating that Writing is hard Work! only makes me want to try harder at accomplishing this task.

I thought about just coping and pasting a couple of paragraphs from my previous posts, and that would have made writing this much easier today. Mexico is celebrating the Cinco de Mayo holiday and so are Mexican Americans living here in this country. Our government needs to address the issue of the rights of citizenship for these people, once and for all, whether they are given a permit to be here, or asked to return to their country.

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