The World’s Monopoly Game: Greece

 This is an on going series “The World’s Monopoly Game: Greece” as a comparison of the world’s economy to the game of Monopoly. As the European sovereign debt crisis has been blamed for the falling stock markets this week all around the world. But is this just another excuse for some profit taking by the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank? Like the financial crisis that started this latest global economic recession. Which country or government will be the next to fall victim to the greed for power and money? Your guess would be as good as mine!

I really do hate writing about this kind of stuff but was watching the stock market this week as my retirement fund, which was almost back to normal, seemed to be barely holding its own now. But I guess that is just the nature of investing and the phrase If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen comes to mind. And it is just that things were starting to look pretty good there for a while, is all…The thought That if it isn’t one thing it is another has popped into my mind.

My post today is about venting my frustration in writing as I get some practice sharing what is on my mind. I was going to write about, the banks don’t want your money, but I thought it was too negative to say, and I ended up writing about this instead. Like it was much more positive, not! Well I do feel better getting this off my mind and onto the page though and that’s what it is all about!

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