Divine Interruptions

 On this cloudy, and cool Sunday, Joel Osteen’s  message is titled “Devine Interruptions,” an I was wondering: Why is there an interruption in the delivery of the Podcast to listen to? At the moment. As I watch his broadcast today on the Internet via Video Streaming. And I’m not going to let this little interruption stop me from writing down my notes today:

There are all kinds of interruptions in our everyday lives, and it is easy to get frustrated, discouraged, and bewildered by these unforeseen circumstances. Every interruption is not bad, every closed door doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. Every delay doesn’t mean we are not where we are supposed to be. Now I could let this inconvenience of not being able to write my notes from Joel’s podcast upset me.

But instead, I am just going to listen to him on the streaming video, although, I can’t stop, start, and backup, to hear his words again. Like I can when I listen to him on a podcast. It is just going to be a little harder for me today to write my notes. Who knows why things like this happen? Or what the reason may be? It reminds me of the Windows Live statistics page not being able to be viewed at my site. Could there possibly be some kind of Divine intervention happening with my statistics page?

Jesus understood that interruptions were all part of His divine destiny. God’s delays are always deliberate. Jesus’ delay, as it says in John 11:6, to help Lazarus, turned into his resurrection. God’s plan for our lives, is much greater, than we can even imagine taking place for our destiny. Stay in faith believing in God’s greatness to take you places you have never even dreamed of today!

This is the information from This Week’s Message page about today’s broadcast titled Divine Interruptions by Joel Osteen:

God orders our steps and our stops. There are divine interruptions that God, on purpose, allows into our lives in order to bring about His best plan. On purpose, God might delay a situation to protect us from an accident; or on purpose, He may close a door because it’s not His best. Sometimes God will allow us to be inconvenienced so we can help someone else in need. When you live with confidence that the Creator of the universe is directing your steps, then you will know that every disappointment, every delay, every interruption is orchestrated by the Most High God all for your good. Even a fall, somehow, someway, God will still use to your advantage. God’s delays are deliberate. He is in complete control, and He promises that all things are going to work together for your good.

God’s divine interruptions are to fulfill our destiny today!

Thanks for Listening,


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