Twitter: My missing Tweets!

Today I thought I’d write about “Twitter: My missing Tweets!” I went to the Twitter Help Center page and found this article Missing Tweets from Your Account (Known Issue). It was very reassuring to find out: Please note: Your tweets are not lost or deleted, they are just not displaying correctly.” Upon doing this investigation work on my missing tweets, I found this article on How To Backup Your Twitter Archive, and it just sounds like too much of a hassle. I mean they’re only tweets, but for some strange reason — All of a sudden — My tweets have suddenly become so important to me, and this is more than likely do to the fact, that they are gone.

Well “just not displaying correctly,” as The Twitter Support Team explained. But now I feel like I’ve lost some of my history of my words, at the moment. My tweets are gone, and hopefully this will just be a temporary loss and they’ll return, shortly. The Twitter Support Team also asked me for some information:     

What we need from you:

  • Your username
  • How many Tweets do you think you are approximately missing?

We appreciate your help.

So I thought I’d write my comment here so it doesn’t disappear. This is my post about the day that I Joined Twitter! So my tweets are missing from 3/30/2008, and I don’t have the link to that tweet, but this is what I’d said, “I just signed up for a Twitter account and I am trying to figure this site out, you know? How it works! Any help will be appreciated :-)”. The first tweet that shows up on my account is from 6/21/2010, and I would guess that I’m missing about 150 tweets.

Here is my comment:

MyUniqueLife is my username, and I’m missing about 150 tweets. The dates range from 3/30/2008 until 6/21/2010. Please help me to get my tweets back, so that I can read what I’d chirped about in the past!

And I couldn’t leave this comment on the help site because “The Twitter Help Center is over Capacity” (See the Picture). At least this gave me something to write about today.

Thanks for Listening,


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