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Explosive Blessings!

On this very cloudy Sunday Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Explosive Blessings!” The thought came into my mind of the explosive classic cars and the roar of their engines at the Woodward Dream Cruise  yesterday. And one might say that … Continue reading

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The Woodward Dream Cruise!

 Today’s August 21st, 2010 and “The Woodward Dream Cruise!” has finally arrived. As I sit in the comfort of my La-Z-Boy recliner at home, I can hear the roar of the cruiser’s engines on the service drive. I’m so grateful … Continue reading

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Woodward Dream Cruise Video via The Detroit News TV Watch live streaming video from the_detroit_news at Thank You to The Detroit News TV for this Woodward Dream Cruise Video! My Unique Life in Windows Live Space

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Wicked’s friendship Requests!

 It’s that time again, time for another Fiction Friday story and today we have “Wicked’s friendship Requests!” Wicked has been receiving a lot of requests from people to be his friend here at his site. And as we all know … Continue reading

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Woodward Dream Cruise Weekend

 As I sat on the side of this Michigan highway called M-1, or the site of the “Woodward Dream Cruise Weekend,” yesterday afternoon. One could see a lot of these early arrivals of the classic cars to this weekend’s festivities. … Continue reading

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What are my writing Needs?

 I was reading Annie’s article today Writing to meet your Needs over at the Write Anything site, and it made me ask myself the question “What are my writing Needs?” An answered quite simply as, “I write each day because … Continue reading

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Microsoft Fix It Center Online Beta

Today I’m going to try the “Microsoft Fix It Center Online Beta” to repair this Windows Update installation error 646. Here is a picture of the error and this is what it says: Windows Update Some updates were not installed … Continue reading

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Something to write about on Monday

I got up kind of late this morning, as I search for “Something to write about on Monday.” I went to a Kid Rock concert at Pine Knob Music Theater last night, and it was 2:00 AM before I’d finally … Continue reading

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Speaking the Blessing

 After a week of very hot and humid days of this summertime season, Joel Osteen’s message titled “Speaking the Blessing” is a refreshing repeat I could listen to over an over again. Click here to read my notes from Joel’s … Continue reading

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My unique writing Life!

 Each day as I contemplate: Whatever shall I write about today? This is “My unique writing Life!” All be it, what it may be. These are my thoughts and words written on the page as my writing life. Oh that … Continue reading

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