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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Catastrophizing this migration to WordPress

To say that I’m “Catastrophizing this migration to WordPress” of my Windows Live Spaces site, would be expressing exactly how I feel today. Moving all this stuff from my site has my brain tied up in knots just thinking about … Continue reading

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Learning about using WordPress

Today I thought I’d write with a prompt titled “Learning about using WordPress” as they Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers to their site. This is my post about why I started using a WordPress Blog, but now and Windows … Continue reading

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Think about moving my Blog

I don’t even want to “Think about moving my Blog,” but move it I must. Yesterday after writing about stacking the wood I found out that Windows Live Spaces is going Away. Now I’ve interlinked so many of my blog posts, … Continue reading

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Windows Live Spaces is going Away

This is the message from my Windows Live Spaces page: ”Reminder: Windows Live Spaces is going away. Upgrade your blog now! Click here to learn more.” Here is what it says when you click the here link above: + Upgrade … Continue reading

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Today’s Project: Stacking the Wood

I was wondering what I was going to write about and “Today’s Project: Stacking the Wood” is what’s on the agenda. Last year’s post Stacking the wood in a Pile shows a picture of the finished project. So this year … Continue reading

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Overcoming Discouragement

On this the first Sunday of the season of autumn Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Overcoming Discouragement.” These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast: Overcoming our numerous difficulties in life are something … Continue reading

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Writing doesn’t come easily to Me

Today’s title “Writing doesn’t come easily to Me” is about my blog’s theme Writing just to Write. This is from my entry Listening to What and it’s something someone said about my writing: “You seem to struggle a great deal … Continue reading

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Wicked is nowhere to be Found

 It’s time for another edition of Fiction Friday, and “Wicked is nowhere to be Found,” where is he? Here is a definition of nowhere: “typically means a place that doesn’t exist or a place that seems like it doesn’t exist.“ … Continue reading

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The change of season to Autumn

October dream music: “La Petite Fille de la Mer” by Vangelis Time marches on moving forward ever so slowly moment by moment “The change of season to Autumn” has arrived. One may not even notice that this change has taken … Continue reading

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