The stage is set for the Labor Day Weekend

Today’s Fiction Friday story is titled “The stage is set for the Labor Day Weekend,” and as we all know that all the world is a stage. Wicked is contemplating how this holiday weekend is going to play out. The possibilities are endless as to how this script we call life could materialize and what will transpire this weekend. Whatever happens shall be left only as the memories of the Labor Day weekend of the year two thousand and ten. The weather in this peninsula, or the state we call Michigan, is as unpredictable as to what will happen or transpire in the coming days ahead. It would be anyone’s guess to predict what future events lie in store for Wicked in the next few days.

Labor Day is the unofficial end of the summertime season, and Wicked is sorry to see it pass, but the weather today is a very cool reminder of this fact. When Wicked lived in California, as a young child at the age of about nine, and what he remembers most about the differences in his surroundings. Was the weather in California, although it was warm and very pleasant, most of the time. The weather in California lacked the very distinct changes in the seasons, which he’d grown accustom to this type of weather in his youthful formative years in Michigan.

The stage is set for the festivities of our destiny to play out today and this Labor Day weekend. Wicked is looking forward to a great holiday to unfold and reveal its secrets to him. He is wishing all of you a safe and happy time on this holiday weekend. Make the most of every day of your life and as always remember to Enjoy Life!

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