In Remembrance: A Day that tested our Country

 I just don’t like writing about the September 11th attacks, but it is “In Remembrance: A Day that tested our Country” as I persist. Watching this video A Day That Tested Our Country, from The White House Blog was encouraging, of the fact that our nation will never forget, what happened on this date. I’m posting this picture from an Email I’d received of the Blue Angels, and in the lower right-hand corner it shows the Twin Towers, as they once stood. I’ve taken the liberty of titling this picture In Remembrance of a time before our Country was Tested! As a reminder of our nations need for continued vigilance against terrorism.

I cannot put into words how much it greaves me today to be writing this post. This is from my post and what I wrote last year: “I find it so very sad and disheartening. Talking about the day that America let down its guard and let terrorists attack us in our own country.” The year before that it was The Battle of Good versus Evil! My first year of blogging it was My Thoughts Today, but writing about this date is very troubling and emotionally upsetting for me.

I just don’t know what else to say…Other than that I just wish that people could get along with each other. The senseless killing of innocent men, women, and children. Is not how we should settle our differences in this world.

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