Today Is Election Day

 Are you going to vote? “Today Is Election Day” and you’d think that in today’s modern world of technology, we should be able to vote from our computers. But that would just be too easy! Not to mention the possibility of electoral fraud or the chance of computer hacking. Do you sense a little negativity in my words today? It has come about due to the negative campaigning with the political advertising on TV. It makes me wonder: Why we should vote at all with this kind of political rhetoric going on?

It is our constitutional right to vote for these elected representatives of our government, but we should also be expecting to be told the truth. Not this misrepresentation of their views or by twisting the opposition’s stance of resolve. The truth is the truth and nothing else. Our government has fallen into this blame game for long enough. It would behoove them to have honor and truth in their words rather than all these lies. We need to have honor and truth back into our government!

Oh, but I digress here with my writing and forget that this is politics. This is from my post titled Be careful what you Say!How to tell if a politician is lying? Their lips are moving. Well, I thought it was funny. (Laughing out Loud)” But we need to “Change” this about our government!

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