Wicked’s plan is to “Just Be!”

Life is what you make of it and in this edition of Fiction Friday today’s story “Wicked’s plan is to ‘Just Be!’” As if there isn’t already enough pressure on people each day to succeed in life: What is wrong with the idea to Just Be? Releasing one’s self from the constraining burden to be the best at whatever the task may be…

To just enjoy life each day: To step aside from our very own self-imposed egotistical nature and to “Just Be!” That’s what Wicked is planning to meditate on and trying to accomplish more and more of each day. Wicked often wonders: If he’s the only one that feels this constant pressure to succeed in life each day?

Wicked is trying to understand the psychology of his mind and this narcissistic attitude that he’s the only one that feels this way. When surely there must be other people that feel the same way he does, sometimes…He can’t be the only one? But letting go of one’s inhibitions in life, or what one thinks they should be, is not easily accomplished. This is Wicked’s horoscope for today:


It’s a perfectly good idea to plan things out before you move forward. After all, there’s no sense in doing something before you fully understand what you’re doing. But everything is where it needs to be, and the blueprints are finalized, so why are you stalling? Take a look at why you might not want to move ahead now, and be honest about what is holding you back. Get ready to stare all your fears right in the face. Enjoy a good laugh when they crumble and disappear.

So Wicked is going to be planning on how he can “Just Be!” Trying to figure out why he is still stalling on this easily figured out blueprint of life to just be. Wicked often feels like he has this; some self-imposed tendencies, to make himself feel miserable at times. So he’ll be staring his worst fears in the face having a good laugh while he is meditating on the thought To Just Be! 

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