Knowing God as a Father

On this the first Sunday of the New Year and my last Sunday to write here in Windows Live Spaces — Joel Osteen’s message today is titled “Knowing God as a Father”. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast: As an unrelated note to myself…Joel always starts his service off with a joke and I’m titling today’s joke as Where is God? The story Joel told as a joke was very funny. But the reason I’m making note of  Where is God Hiding? Is to take this video with me as I move this site to a WordPress site because Windows Live Spaces is going Away. This information is to anyone that may be reading my notes here.

Joel is talking about having a personal relationship with God as our Father, and relating this to how our own earthly fathers, may treat us. Many people know God as their Savior that’s the most important way. But when you know God as a Father it takes on a whole new meaning. Our heavenly Father wants our soul to be with Him in an eternal life. Depending on how our earthly fathers may have treated us, should not affect how we perceive how our heavenly Father will treat us: God is Love and wants the best for His children.

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

This is the information from the podcast page about today’s message Knowing God as a Father by Joel Osteen:

What is your image of God? Many people imagine God as unreachable, unloving and unconcerned with their everyday matters. But Jesus taught us in Matthew 6 that God is our loving Father. A loving father is someone right there close to us, someone that will listen to what we have to say; someone that guides us through our life. He is there as a constant source of strength and encouragement. He is there to lift you when you fall, encourage you when you are down, or push you forward when you feel like giving up. Do you know God as a loving Father in your own life today? Let this revelation change your walk with Him. God is for you and has a great plan for your life. Let Him lead you each day as your loving, heavenly Father.

Be blessed knowing God as a Father!

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