Your Life is Divinely Orchestrated

On this very frigid and bright blue skied Sunday Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Your Life is Divinely Orchestrated.” I’m wondering: If my divine life here in Windows Live Spaces is some kind of an orchestration? Because of what I’d written and said last week, about Windows Live Spaces is going Away, yet I’m still here. Who knows? These are my notes I’ve taken today as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast: God has written all of our days in His book. He promised that all of His plans are for good and not evil. We should be doing our best to accept this life as it is and move our lives forward each day to reach the divine plan God has for us.

Things happen in our lives for a reason. So if we will accept our lives as they are, we will be able to enjoy life as it should be. When you know your life is divinely orchestrated you can trust God to make things right. No matter what the obstacles that may be happening in our lives know that God is orchestrating these things for our good. Who can comprehend or perceive the mystical mind of our Lord God? Open your mind to God’s will! There are no coincidences in life, everything is happening for a reason; for our good.

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

This is the information from This Week’s Message page about today’s broadcast titled Your Life is Divinely Orchestrated by Joel Osteen:

Are you facing a setback today? A closed door? Has someone you loved walked out in your life? Usually when difficult situations happen, our natural tendency is to become discouraged and question where is God. But when you’re a believer, you can rest assured that God is in divine control of your life. Just as God uses promotion, breakthroughs, loyal people, encouragement, God also uses disappointments, closed doors, betrayals and persecution to move us toward His divine plan.

God knows how to get you where you need to be. When you understand everything in your life is divinely orchestrated, and God controls the whole universe, then you will begin to view adversity and unanswered prayers in a different way. You will begin to see that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. God has a reason for everything happening in your life and has a plan to prosper you in all things. You can trust Him to do things His way. You don’t be disappointed!

Be blessed by God in a divinely orchestrated life!

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