Wicked’s prophecy of an early Spring

Fiction Friday picture background by Dev On this very cold winter’s day it’s hard to envision the melting of all this snow and ice, but in this Fiction Friday entry “Wicked’s prophecy of an early Spring” is in accord with Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog’s prediction on Groundhog Day. This prophecy of only 6 more weeks of winter and the thoughts of an early spring is exactly what Wicked needed to hear: To lift his spirit today and to get him thinking more positively after the blizzard. Crystal BallOur mind can take us anywhere we want to go…By using our imagination to take us there. Wicked’s mind takes him to so many places each day, which makes him feel like he is living a fantasy all the time. But by living in this fantasy world where one’s thoughts create their reality. It can be quite exhausting at times, thinking about all the endless possibilities, when listening to a raging storm outside. Meditating on the prophecy of an early spring was what brought back Wicked’s spirit to the now of reality.

Wicked was using his mind as the tool it was created to be: Changing his thoughts to the bright blue skies of a new day. Living in this now moment, when it suits one’s needs, and drifting off into a fantasyland of meditation to soothe one’s soul. When you have prophesied your future by envisioning it in your mind; then as if by magic, have all your dreams of the life you want to come true, in the real world. These things just start happening as you live the life you’ve envisioned in the prophecy that you have created in your mind.

Going with the flow of life and not fighting the currents of the world, is how Wicked sees his reality, of some future sign of what’s ahead, in this life. But one thing is for certain, that spring, is just around the corner!

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