Heaven is Cheering You On

Hope from Joel Osteen Downloads On this Sunday it’s good to know “Heaven is Cheering You On” which is the title of Joel Osteen’s message to live the life God has planned for us. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened (Click Here for the podcast) to Joel’s broadcast today: Having someone in the stands (or in heaven) cheering us on can make all the difference in the world in how we will perform. You’ll never know what you can accomplish when you have people cheering you on. In Hebrews 12:1 these people are described as “a great cloud of witnesses“ watching us running the great race of life. Your loved ones are cheering you on in heaven. Don’t give up on the promises God has place in your heart. We need to keep running the race of life, believing in the goodness of God; we will finish the race.

This is the information from This Week’s Message page about today’s broadcast titled Heaven is Cheering You On by Joel Osteen:

It’s always a great encouragement and comfort to know someone has been in our shoes whenever we face challenging times. Knowing that others have been there, faced that and, with God’s help, victoriously overcame obstacles, gives us that extra boost of confidence; and we’re reminded of God’s great faithfulness.

The Bible is filled with such great men and women of faith who were champions in life. Hebrews 1:12 says, “Since we are surrounded by this great cloud of witnesses, let us run our race.” You are not alone in your race of life. You have all of heaven cheering you on each day, filled with saints of old who know what it means to persevere and live a life of victory.

Let this message encourage you and remind you that you have the greatest support system there is backing you up each day. Nothing that you face in life is new to God or a surprise to Him. He has been giving strength, wisdom, endurance and supernatural power to others who’ve lived before you since the creation of time. When you live life knowing that all of heaven is cheering you on, you’ll go further and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

Angel 2Heaven is cheering you on…Be blessed!

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