Happy Presidents’ Day!

The Mount Rushmore Monument by Dean Franklin from Wikipedia - Presidents' Day! Today is the day that we honor the presidents of the past and of the future: “Happy Presidents’ Day!” Being the President of the United States of America has to be a very difficult position to uphold. To me, it seems like the entire world looks to the president of America to answer insurmountable questions. All of our presidents of this great nation; past or present, have been under a great amount of pressure, from the public and other nations, to succeed and prevail. To think that one person, the president’s decisions, President's Day 1President's Day 2are responsible for the direction of America, or the course the world will follow, is uncomprehend able, to me.

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Today as we recognize and honor all of these great Presidents of the United States, whom have given us so very much of their lives, to serve as our president of America an our nation’s government on this day known as Presidents Day: I say Thank You!

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