Seeing Through Eyes of Love

Hope from Joel Osteen DownloadsOn this daylight savings time Sunday I’ve lost an hour, somewhere, but Joel Osteen’s  message is titled “Seeing Through Eyes of Love,” at his site on the Internet. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened (Click Here for today’s Podcast), but as I write this I am get this Google error: “Oops! This link appears to be broken.“ and I’m adding the link anyway: In hopes that it will be repaired and work later on. Now on with my notes: We should be seeing people through eyes of love, not judging them for who they are. There is a reason why people are the way that they are and we should accept this fact. If we took time to know their story we would be more forgiving. Each one of us is unique and has our own stories in this life!

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

This is the information from This Week’s Message page about today’s broadcast titled Seeing Through Eyes of Love by Joel Osteen:

God wants us to see people through eyes of love. Too often, we judge others without knowing their story – the struggles they have been through, how they were raised and the current challenges they may face. We are quick to say, “He sure is unfriendly. She shouldn’t wear that. I don’t know why they act that way.” There is a reason why people are the way they are. That’s why it’s important to take the time to get to know others.

Romans 15:1 says, “You who are strong, you who are mature are to bear with those that are weak.” This means instead of judging others, our attitude should be “God, how can I help this person come up higher? How can I make them feel more loved, accepted and secure?” The world is full of people that need someone that understands. Can you be that someone today? Can you make the choice to love others back to wholeness?

The closest thing to the heart of God is helping hurting people. As you walk in God’s love and mercy instead of judgment and condemnation, you can be the catalyst for change in the lives around you. And when you extend mercy and understanding to others, God will make sure there is mercy extended to your own life.

Angel 2See people through eyes of love and be blessed by God!

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