The beginning of Summer

Fiction Friday picture background by DevToday’s Fiction Friday story is titled “The beginning of Summer,” but in reality the summer solstice begins on June 21st this year. As Wicked is getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend starting today. He is content in knowing that the prediction made in last week’s story didn’t happen, and the world didn’t come to an end on last Saturday, as it was foretold. Evidently Mother Nature is not willing to cooperate with the beginning of the summertime season as yet, because the It's Fridayweather has been cool and very rainy lately. But just like trying to predict the end of the world, and the Day of Judgment, the weather has a mind of its own. Summer will arrive in due time and so will the End of Days.

Wicked is looking forward to days on the beach, barbeques, and having summertime fun this year. Things like riding his bicycle, and swimming in the lake, along with hiking in the woods, and all the fun things, that the summer season brings. The thoughts of just sitting outside, with friends, around a roaring campfire; Camp Firetelling stories of days gone by; reminiscing about the past. Sounds like so much fun right now! Wicked just can’t wait for the summer to begin.

Although the Memorial Day holiday weekend starts off, the unofficial, beginning of the summertime season, it’s good to start planning ahead. Thinking about the future and planning how you want your life to be. It is never too early to start thinking ahead, to attract the life; you want to live on planet Earth!

Have a great Memorial Day holiday weekend! 

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