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Thoughts on my Mind

I’ve chosen today’s title of “Thoughts on my Mind” as a follow up to yesterday’s post and a previous entry from this date titled Looking at the blank Page. The fact of the matter is that I’m making too much … Continue reading

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What do you blog About?

Someone asked me this question today: “What do you blog About?” and my answer was, “I’ll blog about almost anything, and nothing, too.” But overcoming the thoughts of what I think I should be writing about, and then just writing … Continue reading

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God Will Bring You To A Flourishing Finish

In this Sunday’s message Joel Osteen said, “God Will Bring You To A Flourishing Finish,” although, he didn’t mention anything about the Rapture: Or the Day of Judgment that was predicted in this article for yesterday. But I just wanted … Continue reading

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Writing On Judgment Day

Although I don’t believe that today is The End of the World this is my “Writing On Judgment Day” because of the prediction in this article. As one might expect from making such a claim as today is Judgment Day … Continue reading

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The end of the World

Today’s Fiction Friday story is about “The end of the World” as it has been predicted in this article. Wicked wouldn’t be writing about it today in a fictional story if he thought it was true. His religious beliefs are … Continue reading

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Editing a post in WordPress

Today I’ll be writing some thoughts about “Editing a post in WordPress,” and I was worried about whether or not I was doing it right. The blog entry that I’d edited today is titled Angels are watching over You! and … Continue reading

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Writing Today’s New Page

I’m looking for a word to describe my thoughts on “Writing Today’s New Page,” soon to be tomorrow’s old page. The word that I’ve chosen to describe these words and thoughts is ephemeral writing: meaning, “lasting a very short time; … Continue reading

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