Wicked encounters a Mistake

Fiction Friday picture background by DevToday is Friday, Right? In this Fiction Friday story “Wicked encounters a Mistake,” and it has him pondering this question: What happens in the unseen realm of the universe or in the cosmos when an error occurs in our lives? Evidently, this error or this mistake was meant to be. But Wicked was thinking that How one reacts to or lays blame in interpreting these unforeseen mistakes is really the lesson we learn. Whether this error is just an honest mistake, or there is some other hidden meaning to be learned behind what has taken place, is the question in Wicked’s mind.

The very idea of one saying, “Who among us has not made a mistake?” Giving us an excuse for our error, but was it really just a mistake? Or was there something else at work here with some kind of underlying curtailment of our lives? These are the kinds of mysterious questions in life which keep Wicked interested in finding out the answers to, these complicated conundrums. Was it really just a mistake?

It's FridayThis obsession of Wicked’s to always be reading more into every facet of his life is really quite exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. But what he really wanted to do was to just get his story told today and say, “Every one makes mistakes!”

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