Wicked’s butterfly effect Story

Fiction Friday picture background by DevIn today’s edition of Fiction Friday we have “Wicked’s butterfly effect Story,” and this story was supposed to be about this movie. But then Wicked found out that there is much more to this butterfly effect. Like the fact that the “butterfly effect in popular culture refers to the concept that a minor change in circumstances can cause a large change in outcome.”

Wicked had no idea of the ramifications of what he was talking about in last week’s story: “In hindsight of the future, while It's Fridaylooking at it in the past.“ He also liked this quote from the page: “Therefore, no one who travels into the past could ever return to the same version of reality he or she had come from and could have therefore not been able to travel back in time in the first place, which would create a phenomenon known as time paradox.”

Although it was The “Butterfly Effect” Movie that got him thinking about today’s story and he really liked this movie. The first question “How significant is my Life?” had him contemplating his answer. Wondering what he could do differently…Because don’t we all want to Enjoy Life; living it to the fullest fulfilling our destiny!

SpaceshipAll Wicked had in mind today was to share this movie. Now his mind is all confused with prophesying the future, in relation to the past, while he’s living in the present. Thinking about whether he’s going to make it to next Friday to tell another story, or will he be lost somewhere in a strange space time continuum?

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