Wicked is just Talking

Fiction Friday picture background by DevIn this edition of Fiction Friday we have our character “Wicked is just Talking,” and this sounds like something fun to ramble on about today. In last week’s story Wicked was Thinking about whether he’s going to make it to next Friday to tell another story, or will he be lost somewhere in a strange space time continuum?  and now the day is here. Today he’s thinking about Halloween’s arrival on Monday and the end of daylight saving time on November 6th, this year. Wicked says, “I find talking about some future time, which may or may not come to pass and is off somewhere in a distant time, very hard to relate to and confusing.” Although, we do it all the time and think It's Fridaynothing of it, as we plan for the future.

Wicked’s mind is really off somewhere else today and he’s finding it very difficult to talk but there is something forcing him to continue. What could this something be? As there is a very long pause as he contemplates this question…Bewildered by the fact that he received no answer to this question. There must be some reason to move forward and to continuing on with this talking today? Wicked imagines.

Although Wicked’s mind was elsewhere in this edition of Fiction Friday as he’d had his chance to talk about what thoughts were on his mind. Some times it is very hard to speak when one cannot even talk about what they are thinking. Or this is just what Wicked had to say today, as time keeps moving forward. Until next week when the clocks will be set back one hour. As the saying goes: “Remember to Daylight Savingsspring forward, and fall back,” for daylight saving time.

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